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Comprehensive ADHD Assessment


The PEAKS clinic takes a comprehensive approach when conducting ADHD-related assessments. Modeled after the ADHD Clinic at UNCG (Anastopoulos & Shelton, 2001), we employ a multi-method & multi-rater evaluation to assess for ADHD, related issues, and to rule in or rule out alternative explanations. Assessments include a semi-structured developmental interview, a clinical interview, rating scales completed by parents, teachers, self and significant other (when appropriate), computerized assessment of attention, clinical observations, and thorough review of developmental, medical, and educational history.


When might an ADHD assessment be necessary?


  • Concern about whether ADHD explains any behavioral or other difficulties

  • Concern about what might be contributing to any academic, emotional, or behavioral problems

  • Questions about what types of treatment would be beneficial

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