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Dr. K is in the process of being vendored with Tri-Counties Regional Center for certain assessments. Otherwise, PEAKS Clinic providers are considered “out-of-network” providers for insurance companies. This means that we do not bill insurance directly. We will provide you with a receipt (“Super Bill”) that contains all the necessary information for your insurance carrier to process the claim. Your insurance carrier will then send reimbursement directly to you. The amount of reimbursement varies by insurance carrier and plan. If you have questions about this, it would be best to contact your insurance carrier and ask about reimbursement for sessions with an out-of-network psychologist prior to your appointment.


Evaluation Fees


All evaluations are charged at an hourly rate (60 minutes). At the end of the free phone intake, you will be provided with an estimate of the number of hours your evaluation will take. We accept cash, check, and credit/debit cards for all services.


The following components will be included in the hour estimate of an evaluation:


  • Interviews with parents, client, and others (if applicable)

  • Test administration

  • Record review

  • Scoring and interpretation

  • Report writing

  • One, 60 minute feedback session with parents and client (when applicable)

  • Tailored recommendations

  • Feedback to referral source


Therapy Fees


Therapy fees are based on a 50-minute time block and will be prorated for longer or shorter time blocks. We do not charge for brief phone calls (15 minutes or less) between sessions. However, all other services related to case management are charged at our hourly rate (and will be prorated for longer or shorter time blocks), such as phone calls longer than 15 minutes, summary notes, travel time, and consultation with other professionals. Payment is required at the time of the service. We accept cash, check, and credit/debit cards for all services.


Cancellation Policy


Except in the case of an emergency, we require a 24-hour notice for re‐scheduling or canceling an appointment. 

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