Early Childhood Assessment


Early childhood is period of rapid development. Children are growing in many different domains, including cognitive, language, motor, social, emotional, behavioral, adaptive, and emerging academic domains. If you become concerned that your child is not making age-appropriate progress in one or more of these domains, your child may benefit from an early childhood assessment.


Early identification, assessment, and treatment are key to a child’s success – especially at this age! Therefore, every effort will be made to schedule your child’s appointment, feedback session, and generate a report as soon as possible.


Who may benefit from an early childhood assessment?


An early childhood assessment can be performed on children as young as 2 years, 6 months through the preschool years. Common referral questions for an early childhood assessment include:


  • Does my child have an autism spectrum disorder?

  • Why does my child having difficulty communicating?

  • Why does my child having difficulty learning or understanding concepts?

  • Why does my child have difficulty sitting still?

  • Why does my child struggle to follow directions?

  • Why does my child have difficulty interacting with other children?

  • Why does my child get upset easily or a hard time calming down?

  • Is my child’s medical history impacting his/her development in any of the assessed areas?

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