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At the PEAKS Clinic, we utilize a combination of research-supported interventions to address the multiple goals of the children, families, and students with whom we work. 


Our approach to treatment integrates cognitive-behavioral, family, and ecological frameworks. We work with our clients to determine the treatment approach that best fits with their strengths and needs. 


We believe that evidence-based assessment provides a strong foundation for effective therapy. Therefore, we recommend a thorough assessment prior to starting therapy.


Below are some of the treatments that we offer for specific needs:




  • Autism Spectrum Disorders: Our assessment process includes providing individualized treatment recommendations to families and consultation with other providers. However, since the most effective treatments for Autism Spectrum Disorder are comprehensive and intensive in nature, we refer cases to community partners that are better equipped to provide such treatment.


  • Depression: Children and adolescents who are suffering from depression often benefit from CBT. We offer individual CBT for depression and often include family members. 



  • Pediatric and Health Psychology: We have trained in pediatric sub-specialty clinics and love working with multidisciplinary teams to treat feeding disorders, tolieting (encopresis and enuersis), and adolescent weight managment. 

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